Serving as an Elected Leader

Service as an officer of Blackhawk Presbytery or on a Commission or Committee is an opportunity to become directly involved in the work of the presbytery. The Nominating Committee is responsible for presenting candidates for these positions to the presbytery for election. We hope that you will find a place that engages your passion and your gifts and will answer the call to be in ministry and mission with others in the presbytery.

How long will I serve?
Unless otherwise specified, terms of office are three years, with the privilege of one re-election.

Will I have to pay for my own expenses?
Officers, moderators, commission, and committee members are eligible for mileage reimbursement at the Internal Revenue Service rate for volunteers–$.14 per mile. Meals during meetings are paid for from each commission’s or committee’s budget. Incidental expenses are eligible for reimbursement if approved in advance by the committee moderator. Mileage reimbursement and expenses are paid on receipt of an approved voucher. All expenses for Commissioners to the General Assembly are paid for by PCUSA.

How will I get “up to speed” as a new participant?
Commissions and committees schedule an annual orientation/assessment meeting to assess progress in the past year and bring new members up to speed.

Will I make a difference?
YES! Without the work of individuals from among the minister members and congregations that are Blackhawk Presbytery, neither the required governance functions nor the missional programming and resourcing functions can happen. Your passion, your gifts, your commitment are what makes it possible for us to be—Blackhawk Presbytery.

Volunteer for a Task Team or Project
Commissions and committees can appoint task teams or project coordinators to serve for a specific purpose and time frame. Contact the moderator of the commission or committee whose work calls you or let the office know you are interested in helping with a particular task or project.