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The Pulpit Supply List includes ministers and lay leaders who have consented to preach when a regular pastor, interim minister, or temporary/stated supply pastor is away or unable to preach. Pulpit Supply is intended as a Sunday-by-Sunday relationship. If the church is intending to invite the same supply preacher for more than 3 consecutive weeks or to enter into an ongoing relationship, Presbytery approval is required through the COM.

Current Pulpit Supply List

Current Pulpit Supply List This list is found on the Members Access page and is password-protected. Please contact the office (below) if you need the password information for this site.

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Pulpit Supply Information from Pastors
Guidelines for Pulpit Supply
Sample Pulpit Supply Information Form
Pulpit Supply Policy
  • Pulpit Supply Policy: No individual person should provide pulpit supply to a particular congregation for more than 3 weeks in a row, without a covenant agreement. Pulpit supply is generally used to fill a pulpit when a called, temporary supply, or commissioned pastor is on vacation, not able to be in worship on a Sunday, or when a pulpit becomes vacant. Pulpit Supply is not meant to be a substitute for a covenant pastoral relationship.site.
Payment for Pulpit Supply and Session Moderators

The Presbytery has approved a flat rate of $150.00 for the first service (on the same day), $50.00 for any additional service, plus mileage reimbursement at the current IRS rate.
Approved September 2021

The Presbytery has approved a flat rate payment of $75 per meeting, plus mileage at the current IRS rate, for appointed moderators of session (in the absence of an installed or commissioned pastor).
Approved November 2021

The IRS mileage rate for 2023 is $0.655 per mile.

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