Per Capita and Mission Giving

It has been said that per capita apportionment is like a utility bill. Just as we pay for heat, light, water, and telephone in order to remain connected to the utility systems and benefit from the services provided, we also pay per capita so that the Presbyterian system can function on behalf of all of us. It is the necessary linkage in our connectional system.

The payment of the per capita apportionment can be seen as a sign of healthy relationships within the church, giving tangible witness to the unity and wholeness promised to us in Jesus Christ, and is a way of sharing the costs that equitably belong to the whole Presbyterian Church.

Current Per Capita for Blackhawk Presbytery Congregations

2024 $43.00 $29.39 $3.81 $9.80
2023 $42.00 $28.34 $3.81 $9.85
2022 $40.00 $27.21 $3.81 $8.98


How is per capita used and how does it benefit our congregation?

We count on churches to pay their fair share per capita assessment and contribute mission funds to fulfill the responsibilities that our members and the denomination have given us. These include help with pastoral transitions, education and care of our pastors and those in training, supporting our congregations, running presbytery assembly meetings and much more. Additionally, we are able to fund mission projects in our local congregations and provide resources for our Presbyterian networks and partnerships

What does our church owe in per capita and how can I find out what payments have been made?

Your church receives an invoice for per capita each year, based on the church’s membership reported annually. The membership number is multiplied by the total rate as listed above. 

The document: Current Year-to-date Per Capita Payments, is updated quarterly to reflect payments from each congregation.

Our members want to know more about per capita and mission funding. What resources are available?
What happens if our congregation does not pay its per capita?

The PC(USA)’s Constitution does not mandate the payment of per capita by congregations. At the same time, the Constitution provides no provision on the part of congregations (sessions) to withhold per capita as a form of protest.

If a congregation withholds their per capita because of insufficient funds or protest, the presbytery is still obligated to pay per capita to the Synod and General Assembly and must use money from other income (other churches) that could be used for mission. Other than relatively minor investment returns, Blackhawk Presbytery has no other outside sources of income.

Does the presbytery have a separate mission budget?

Blackhawk Presbytery has one unified budget that combines per capita and mission income. The generous contributions of individuals, congregations, presbyteries, and synods enable our denomination at all levels to provide monies for mission programs such as evangelism, church development and redevelopment, women’s, youth and racial ethnic ministries, social concerns, education, and leadership training.

Locally, Blackhawk’s Mission Committee evaluates and funds small grants for local church mission projects. When you give your mission pledge, you strengthen the ties within our presbytery and further the kingdom of God in a variety of ways.

How much support comes from Mission Pledges?

Shared mission support from our congregations supports the work of the presbytery, synod and general assembly beyond what the per capita assessment can do. Donations can be directed to one, two or all three denominational councils.

At the presbytery level, your gifts support assembly meetings, committee work, communication, assistance to pastors and congregations, a mission grant program and much more. 

The document: Shared Mission payments is updated regularly to reflect payments from each congregation.

What is the “Six for Six” Recognition program?

When a Blackhawk congregation supports the greater church in six different ways, they are recognized each year and presented with a framed award. The six areas are:
1. Per Capita paid in full
2. Pledge and contribute mission dollars to the presbytery
3. – 6. Promote and receive the four denomination-wide special offerings: One Great Hour of Sharing, the Pentecost Offering, Peace and Global Witness Offering, Christmas Joy Offering