Church World Service Kits

Blackhawk Presbytery churches have a long tradition of collecting supplies for school kits, hygiene kits and emergency clean-up buckets, challenging each other to reach ever greater participation. Church World Service Kits can be gathered, assembled and sent year-round!

Here’s How:


    • Contents are listed at
    • Contents have been selected with care based on years of experience so please follow the instructions exactly. (Extraneous donations would surely be welcomed at local ministries.)
    • Please remove excess packaging


    • Pack the kits in boxes with lids (separate boxes for school and hygiene kits), marked with the name and address of your church and the kind and number of kits inside. SEAL THE BOXES!
    • Buckets should just have the name and address of your church. You may write this right on the bucket or tape a paper with this information onto the top of the bucket.

3. BRING THEM TO the drop off location at:


    • Although CWS transports the kits for free, CWS does ask for a donation of $2 per kit ($3 per bucket) to help with transport costs from the warehouse to the hands of people in need.
    • Please mail your check – the dropoff location will not accept them
    • Checks can be made to: CWS
    • Find a printable coupon for your boxes and shipping donation here.


    • After you have completed your kits project for the year, please email Jill Sunday with your kit totals. And Thank You!
    • More information is available at the CWS regional office. Call (630) 200-4571 or email here.

CWS Kits Collection – 2022

Thanks to all the churches that made Church World Service Kits this year. Of our 68 churches, 16 churches participated. We collected 510 school kits, 406 hygiene kits, 52 feminine hygiene kits, and 16 clean-up buckets. Two churches made a financial contribution which will help with the shipping costs when the kits are sent to where ever they are needed. Great job! Hope we can do as well or better next year.

Jill Sunday
PWP Communications Editor

2022 Kits Challenge 

Once again, churches were challenged to increase their goal from last year and many responded. PW continues to collect your goals, totals and cheer you on! Please please email Jill Sunday with your report. Many of the hygiene and school kits will be sent to help the refugees from Ukraine. All types of kits are sent all over the US to help those people who have been through the disasters that have occurred here.

2021 Kits Challenge

The challenge for 2021 was to make as many kits as your congregation can put together – any and all are much appreciated. The results are in: 21 churches reported their 2021 donations, totaling: 978 school kits, 372 hygiene kits, 49 clean-up buckets, and more than $3,356 in donated funds. THANK YOU EVERYONE!