Policy & Procedures Committee

The Policy, Procedures, Annual Presbytery Minimum Compensation Committee’s mission includes revising or developing policies and procedures. Its purpose is to keep Presbytery policies current with ecclesiastical and applicable civil laws and to help pastors and churches fairly and adequately compensate pastors for their work.

The Committee’s work could include:

• Provide for the implementation of equal opportunity employment for MWSs (Minister of Word and Sacrament), CPs (commissioned pastors) and candidates without regard to race, ethnic origin, sex, age, marital status, or disability.

• Develop or revise policies of the COM to better meet the work of the COM as circumstances of the presbytery and civil law changes.

COM’s work could include:

• Act on recommendations from the committee regarding the presbytery’s minimum compensation for pastors* (*recommend to Presbytery).

• Act upon the following requests: concurrence with overtures concerning compensation* or/and developing overtures to General Assembly*, and remuneration for temporary tasks* (*recommend to Presbytery).


MODERATORS: Rev. Dave Terrinoni and Pastor Mike Engle