Commission on Ministry

COM serves as pastor and counselor to the ministers of the presbytery, facilitates relations between congregations, ministers, commissioned pastors and the presbytery, assists congregations during pastoral transitions, and settles difficulties on behalf of the presbytery when possible and expedient.

Eighteen members in three classes of six persons, composed of a balanced representation of ministers of the Word and Sacrament and ruling elders. The Moderator of the commission and Vice Moderator of the commission are included in the total of eighteen members. 

COM members elected by the presbytery will be distributed on the five Specialized Committees as follows:

  • Church Liaison – 5 members
  • Pastor-2-Pastor – 4 members
  • Policy & Procedures (includes COM Mod & COM Vice Mod) – 3 members
  • Transitions – 3 members
  • Reconciliation – 3 members

Each committee may include additional non-elected members.

Meeting Schedule:
Commission as a whole meets monthly, excepting July and December. They meet on zoom (primarily) on the fourth Thursday at 1:30 pm mostly on zoom.

Commissioned Pastor Mike Engle, Moderator


Let us know if you’d like to have a Presbytery representative visit your church or new community! We’d love to connect by joining you in worship or other ministry efforts.

Committees of the COM

The responsibilities of the Commission on Ministry are met through five specialized committees. These replace the former structure where each member handled all COM responsibilities in one of four geographic areas. The COM recognizes that the transition will take some time to develop and grow into efficient teams and there may be some revisions to the responsibilities of each committee as outlined. If you have a question and do not know who to call, please reach out to the COM Moderator, Vice-Moderator or General Presbyter who staffs the Commission on Ministry. 

All of the members of the committees do not have to be part of the COM, with the exception of the committee moderator. Members from any of our congregations who have a calling, interest, or/and experience in these areas, who are willing to be trained and educated, and who can be called on when there is a need for their participation can serve on these committees.