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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Blackhawk Presbytery
1922 N. IL Rte. 2
P.O. Box 476
Oregon, IL 61061
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2021 CWS Kits Challenge

When a call went out to Blackhawk churches in February to issue a Kits Challenge for 2021, five churches responded with a variety of goals from 20-100 school kits, 20-100 hygiene kits and 2-10 clean-up buckets! So for 2021, challenge yourselves to make as many kits as your congregation can put together - any and all are much appreciated. Then contact the Presbyterian Women in the the Presbytery of Blackhawk with your goal. 

As of early June, 6 churches have reported their Church World Service Kit goals for 2021.The grand total so far is: 295 school kits, 255 hygiene kits, and 24 clean-up buckets. Please report your goal to Jill Sunday ([email protected]) soon. If you have not started the collection as yet, you may want to do so quickly. Some churches collect funding donations and then purchase all needed items for the kits. Other churches post notes for needed items and then assemble the kits – could be a church school project. Try to take advantage of the “Back to School” sales that will start in July.

If you don’t think you can participate in this program, consider coordinating with another church in your area. It does not need to be a Presbyterian church. Whatever the amount of kits your church can make will be appreciated.

The 2021 CWS Kits Booklet and pamphlets can be ordered at [email protected] or call 800-297-1516. School bags can be ordered at MyShopAngel. See to order or they can be sewn following the instructions in the pamphlets. Church World Service tells us that Blackhawk Presbytery does the best at helping them with this program.