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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Supporting Thriving Faith Communities in Northern Illinois
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Blackhawk Presbytery
1922 N. IL Rte. 2
P.O. Box 476
Oregon, IL 61061
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Kenya Partnership

First formed in 1996, this partnership between the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and Blackhawk Presbytery is recognized by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The agreement provides support, training, and relationship for parishes, congregations, institutions, and pastors in the Imenti Presbyteries. Blackhawk Presbytery has provided annual training programs, exchange trips between the presbyteries, consultation, and capital funds for a Conference Training Center in Meru. A number of congregations in the presbytery are partners with congregations or institutions in Imenti presbyteries. 
               First Presbyterian Church, Harvard 



Coins for Kenya Seed Distribution
Bwana Asifiwe, Praise the Lord!  

Thanks to a special Coins for Kenya collection, $5,100 was wired to our Imenti partners in the spring of 2020 to purchase seed for people in Rwarera, Kenya who after surviving a recent draught were unable to afford seed to plant.  The distribution was coordinated by Rev. Joseph.  He reported in the following email that Covid-19 complicated the distribution as the government banned people from congregating so the distribution was limited to five families at a time.  
Rev. Joseph emailed...
The distribution was a great success.  We took the shortest time possible.  290 families got 4kg of maize to plant.  We intend to have sampled families that we can follow up till harvest time.  Thanks be to God the exercise is now behind us.  I can sleep with lots of peace tonight.

I hope you are all well n safe.  We are all doing well and hoping for a better tomorrow.  God take care of you all and stay safe.  Regards.
Coins for Kenya is an active year-around collection that is used to provide food for people in crisis.  Send your Coins for Kenya checks to Blackhawk Presbytery.