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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Blackhawk Presbytery
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Implicit Bias Toolkit

Why Should Christians Care?
offered by Harvard University  
Offered by Project Implicit - a non-profit organization and international collaborative network of researchers investigating implicit thoughts and feelings that are largely outside of conscious awareness and control. (Complete at least the “Race IAT” test)
“We All Have Implicit Biases. So What Can We Do About It?”
Dushaw Hockett describes the characteristics of implicit bias: Operate at the subconscious level; Run contrary to our conscious beliefs; Triggered through rapid and automatic mental associations between people, ideas, and objects and the attitudes and stereotypes that we hold. He also offers three reasons why we must address implicit bias and create an Implicit Bias Approach to help move the country forward.
Rev. Dr. Christina Berry brings us this basic Power Point recorded presentation to help understand and to learn to see the places where we can address the implicit biases in ourselves (8 minutes with recorded narration - to view, click on "Slide Show" tab, then the "From beginning" icon). 
STEP FOUR: Lead an Intentional Discussion
Gather on Zoom—your session, your deacons, your committees and other groups and discuss what you have learned, what may be shocking and how to move forward. You may use these discussion questions.