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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Blackhawk Presbytery
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Per Capita and Mission Giving

Per Capita Assessment

(Source: PC(USA) Mission Support Services)
The payment of the per capita apportionment can be seen as a sign of healthy relationships within the church, giving tangible witness to the unity and wholeness promised to us in Jesus Christ, and is a way of sharing the costs that equitably belong to the whole Presbyterian Church community expressing the essential unity of the church.
It has been said that per capita apportionment is like a utility bill. Just as we pay for heat, light, water, and telephone in order to remain connected to the utility systems and benefit from the services provided, we also pay per capita so that the Presbyterian system can function on behalf of all of us. It is the necessary linkage in our connectional system. For example, funds from the per capita budget of the General Assembly pay for the travel, lodging, and meeting expenses of commissioners to each General Assembly. Each presbytery is responsible for the timely payment of per capita for the current year.
According to the Book of Order, 2017-2019, "Each council above the session shall prepare a budget for its operating expenses, including administrative personnel, and may fund it with a per capita apportionment among the particular congregations within its bounds. Presbyteries are responsible for raising their own funds and for raising and timely transmission of per capita funds to their respective synods and to the General Assembly. Presbyteries may direct per capita apportionments to sessions within their bounds, but in no case shall the authority of the session to direct its benevolences be compromised. (G-3.0106)
The per capita payment for 2022 is $40.00 of which $27.21 is retained by the presbytery to support its administrative budget and $12.79 is apportioned between the Synod of Lincoln Trails and the General Assembly to support their administrative budgets. Churches may elect to pay the per capita assessment in installment payments or in a lump sum. 
Until 2006, Blackhawk Presbytery forwarded the assessed amount to the Synod and General Assembly regardless of whether the presbytery received sufficient funds from its congregations. The payment was made from reserves which became depleted. From 2006 - 2020, the Presbytery forwarded only those payments actually received from congregations.  Beginning in 2021, we have budgeted again to meet our obligations in full, trusting our churches will do the same. 
Please use the PER CAPITA brochure and PCUSA Video to help interpret this important obligation to your congregation. 

Shared Mission Giving

(Source: PC(USA) Mission Support Services)
It is through the kind and generous contributions of individuals, congregations, presbyteries, and synods that the Presbyterian Church (USA) is able to provide monies for mission programs such as evangelism, church development and redevelopment, women’s, youth and racial ethnic ministries, social concerns, education, and leadership training.
Through commitments from their adopted budget, each congregation contributes to support the basic mission of the whole church. Basic mission support includes:
  • Shared, or unrestricted gifts, which are used where needed to fund the church’s total mission adequately, and
  • Directed gifts by which Presbyterians restrict the use of their money to particular programs.
From Albuquerque to Zimbabwe and in all 50 states and 66 countries in between, your basic mission support dollars provide missionaries, theological education, and resources and services.
Shared Mission Gifts
If your congregation chooses not to direct its basic mission giving, the amount pledged is distributed as follows: 
Blackhawk Presbytery               75%
Synod of Lincoln Trails              5%
General Assembly, PC (USA)      20% 
Please complete Option 1, Shared Mission Support, of the Churchwide Mission Pledge Form
Designated Shared Mission Gifts
Your congregation may choose to allocate its mission giving in different proportions than those shown above to each of the three governing bodies or to one or two of the governing bodies in specified proportions.
Please complete the first section of Option 2 of the Churchwide Mission Pledge Form with pledged dollar amounts.
Designated and Directed Mission Gifts
After fulfilling the responsibility to support the general mission funding of the General Assembly, Synod and Presbytery, congregations may pledge additional resources to other Presbyterian Mission projects. This giving is in addition to basic mission support. Directed mission supports specific projects within or outside the budgets of the General Assembly, Synod and Presbytery.
Please list the projects or programs in Option 2 of the Churchwide Mission Pledge Form, including only those mission funds that will be remitted through the Presbytery.