River Glen Presbyterian of Naperville is seeking a full-time Transitional Pastor who will help guide our congregation through the transition period leading to our next Installed Pastor. In partnership with the Session, they will help us discern what God calls us to be in the future, while also helping the congregation continue to engage in worship, discipleship, and mission.

The Transitional Pastor should be well-trained with experience in the transitional ministry process. Their main responsibility is to help our congregation understand and celebrate our past and help us look forward while grieving the loss of a pastor and recent members. The Transitional pastor will also interview formal and informal leaders in the congregation and boldly identify any internal and external issues we need to address before hiring our next Installed Pastor. They will help us conduct a Congregational Mission Study (or similar study), and help update our Ministry Discernment Profile (MDP) to help prepare the work of our next Pastor Nominating Committee.

They will also:
• Assist in preparing for weekly worship, provide biblically-based preaching/teaching, and administer the sacraments of communion and baptism as scheduled.
• Serve as head of staff, supervising 6 employees of the congregation (Music Director, two part-time administrative staff (split of full-time hours), a half-time Children’s and Youth Ministry Director, a quarter-time A/V coordinator, and a quarter-time pastoral administrator).
• Moderate the Session and be a resource to the Presbytery and Commissions, as the need arises.
• Provide spiritual and administrative leadership to ministry teams.
• Share in pastoral care services, such as home/hospital visits and communion to shut-ins, and be available to members in emergencies.
• Officiate at weddings and funerals if needed.

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How To Apply:
Contact River Glen’s office at 630-357-5104 or email your resume to RiverGlensearch23@gmail.com