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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Living Waters Partnership

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Fox Valley Presbyterian and Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian are engaged in mission projects through Living Waters for the World, a global mission resource of the Synod of Living Waters (PCUSA). In March 2016, the Mission Strategies and Resources Board of Blackhawk Presbytery approved the formation of a Living Waters Partnership within the Presbytery. We invite interested individuals and mission teams to contact us for further information.

Contact:          Fred Filiaggi, Regional Coordinator


                        Fox Valley Presbyterian Church, Geneva

Living Waters for the World:

Over three million people die each year from water-related illnesses, most of them children. Living Waters for the World (LWW) allows us to become directly connected with people in need. Children are saved from certain illness and its complications due to contaminated water. We have the opportunity to share the water of life.

LWW serves communities that have only contaminated water available. A simple, clean water filtration system, easy to install and maintain, is used. LWW also teaches people to become trainers of good health practices, without which the clean water would not be effective. More than 780 clean-water systems have been installed in developing areas of the world. Over 85% of these installations continue to operate.

Blackhawk Presbytery Living Waters partnership:

The Living Waters Partnership provides support and encouragement for each other. Fox Valley Presbyterian has worked with LWW since 2007. Their team has completed 11 projects in Guatemala as of April 2016. Ridgefield-Crystal Lake has its first project underway, also in Guatemala. A development trip took place in January 2016, with the installation phase set for July 2016.

Independently our teams participate in training at LWW’s Clean Water U. Back at home we plan for and train others to participate in the installation, education, and sustainability strands of the partnership. We carry out fundraising activities in our churches and communities. We emphasize the relationship-building that makes a strong partnership for our team here and with our partners in need of clean water.